Does Classic Industries Offer Will Call Service?

Classic Industries now offers a will call option for expedited showroom service.

We're always looking for ways to supercharge and improve our customer service. Recently, we've had many customers contact us and inquire whether we have will call service at our Showroom location in Huntington Beach, California. 

For those unfamiliar with will call services, "will call" typically refers to a place where goods can be conveniently picked up.

The specifics of Classic Industries will call service are as follows:

  • Customers may phone in will call orders from Monday through Saturday during regular Call Center business hours.
  • Pick up of will call orders is available Monday through Saturday during regular Showroom business hours.
  • Will call orders are pre-billed.
  • Will call orders can be picked up immediately after our phone call stating the order is available and is held in will call for up to a week for customer pick up.
  • Customers can bypass the line and go straight to the will call counter in the Classic Industries Showroom to pick up their orders.
  • Once you're at the Will Call Counter, you can pick up your order and be on your way with your items to enjoy the rest of your day.

Will call service restrictions:

  • Additional items cannot be added to a will call order. These items must be put on a new order and will be pulled separately.
  • Returns cannot be processed at the will call counter.
  • Product consultations cannot be provided at the will call counter.

If you live near the Classic Industries Huntington Beach, CA Showroom, give our will call service a try. You'll be getting back to some quality time with your American muscle car or truck in an expedited amount of time. Thank you for your patronage!