Is it possible to cancel an order on the Classic Industries website?

Yes, it is now possible to cancel an online order, so long as you do so within 30 minutes of placing the order.

Follow along and see just how easy it is to cancel an order by using this new website enhancement. 

cancel order done 1

Have you ever submitted an order on and then realized you had selected the wrong part? In the past, you had to contact us by phone or via email to void an order. Our website’s new feature can now save you the time and energy of calling us or sending us an email. Within a 30-minute window of time, you can now cancel the order yourself in five easy steps.

Cancelling Your Order is a Snap, within 30 Minutes

Simply go to YOUR ACCOUNT in the top right corner of the page and activate the drop-down menu.

view orders user account 2 Select the View Orders tab.

Push the View Orders button from the various options. Select the invoice number of the order that you wish to cancel. As long as the order status says "Open" you will be able to cancel. It will likely be the top or first item on the list. Remember, you have 30 minutes to cancel the order.

cancel order 3Click on the Cancel this Order button.

cancel order yes 4The next screen to pop up is pretty self-explanatory. Select the reason why you wish to cancel the order and click Yes to continue.

cancel order done 1-1You’ve come full circle, so to speak. With that order successfully cancelled, all you need to do is to select Done to close that window and return to your invoice list.

view order voided double check

You can go to your view orders tab and click on the invoice number to then confirm that the Order Status of this just canceled order is indeed canceled, or Void as indicated above.